Even When Captain of Ship Has Passed, the Ship Will Stay Afloat






My mother loved balloons. They were her favorite party decoration and represented happy times.  Near the time of her death, my sadness was unbearable and the lightness of a balloon seemed but a dream away. On one of the first few anniversaries of her death, I recall taking my toddler sons to her grave to “pay her a visit”.

I was seeking solace in my mother’s spirit and hoped that she might wrap her angelic wings around me and lift me from my sadness.  Well, that is precisely what happened. You see, as my boys visited with me, a balloon fell from the sky.

I mean literally came from above and my boys began to celebrate. Just then, a cluster of colorful balloons appeared. (no magic here…I think they came from a nearby business). I instantly remembered my mother and her assurance that I would always know she was near.

The balloons were my belief and my prayer…I was not alone. I knew in that moment that she was with us.              

So, whatever your beliefs or what you may call “God”, be it the Universe, Buddha, or Christ, make sure it’s something bigger than you. In order to get past the large issues in your life, you need to know that you are bigger than them, and that God is bigger than you.

You need to know that even when the captain of your ship has passed, your ship will stay afloat. You need to know that help will come to you if you ask for it, and that balloons will appear when you least expect them but need them the most.

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Josi Gago

Born in Coral Gables, Florida to immigrant Cuban parents. She grew-up with unconditional love, traveled often, and experienced many cultures, Haiti being her most memorable one. The poverty she witnessed made an indelible impression. She attended college, married and had a 25-year "corporate grind" in banking.  When her position was "displaced" she decided to turn her lemons into margaritas, and changed her lifestyle. Her mind, body and spirit were re-energized through yoga, meditation, and a healthy lifestyle. Living in Davie, Florida with her four children, cat and dogs; Josi is an Entrepreneur, Motivational Coach, Yoga Instructor and Speaker of Truth (doesn't "sugar coat" reality). She loves her yellow Jeep and takes her sense of adventure everywhere she goes!