Making a Plan to Demonstrate Your Business on the Web [Video]

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6 ways to let the customer experience what you have offer over the internet.


Editor's note: This is the fourth step in the series How to Best Manage the Sales Process with a Google Informed Client- Step 1 How to Manage the Sales Process with a Google Informed Client, Step 2 Isn't Everything Posted on the Internet True? and Step 3 Clients Will Go Beyond Your Website To Research Your Business

Too many businesses are trying to just sell without providing any proof that what they have to offer is exactly what the customer wants. So how can you demonstrate to a potential customer that your product or service will satisfy their needs perfectly?

6 ways to let the customer experience what you have offer over the internet:

1.   Links to their review sites to hear it from real customers

Be so bold as to link the review sites to your business right through your web page.

How would the prospective customer feel if you were so confident about your product or service that you told them to look at your reviews?

2.   Testimonials and video testimonials

Remember that according to Nielsen, (September 2016) “word of mouth” is the number one form of advertising and online reviews are number two. Getting real people to share about what you have to offer is critical in order to demonstrate your offering is a great choice.

Do you have a testimonials section on your site where your customers could leave their comments?

Is there a section where they could send you a short video testimonial?

Just a reminder that you no longer need to make sure these are professionally produced. These videos can be recorded right on your phone or theirs with an outstretched arm. You want the videos to be real.

3.   Video demonstrations of what you have you have to sell

Do you have a YouTube channel where in less than two minute segments you could allow customers to visually see how your product or service will work? Make sure these are short videos. If you feel you must make it longer in time, do your best to break it down into shorter segments.

This is an example of one of our videos to learn about our events department:


Have short videos about your product and how to use your product.

Here is just one of many on YouTube on how to create your own channel.


4.   Charts and graphs proving results, from independent third parties

Businesses that sell products and services that deliver results can show real evidence that states the truth about what they have to offer from independent third parties.

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