A Tale of Latino Progress and Television Production [Video]

TV show and Latino progress





Television Interviews Are Opportunities

I always appreciate any opportunity I have to speak with media representatives about the work we do and the goals we seek at Neighbors Link. Having Ms. Brown do the interview with me was gratifying because she looks at workforce and education issues from a business point of view.

It was fun tag-teaming with her to help viewers understand that, while we celebrate progress, we continue to struggle against barriers, and of course to strive for the gold standard of comprehensive immigration reform in the United States.

These are complex problems, so communicating them effectively took advance planning.

I found it helpful to give specific examples that we can all relate to. Mentioning that small businesses are the heart and soul of many small town Main Streets, for instance, is something I’ve discovered resonates with most people.

Each time I’ve been interviewed by Joe Torres, I’ve enjoyed the experience and appreciated his in-depth knowledge of immigration issues.

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The segment topic was based on the following report:


White House Report on the economic progress of the Hispanic community during the Obama Administration.

At more than 55 million strong, Hispanics comprise the fastest‐growing segment of the U.S. population and are the youngest major racial or ethnic group in the United States. Throughout his presidency, President Obama has worked to expand economic opportunities for all Americans, including the Hispanic community, by strengthening the economy, ensuring access to affordable health care, and investing more in education.

Today, as Hispanic Heritage Month comes to a close, the White House Council of Economic Advisers is releasing a new issue brief examining the economic progress of the Hispanic community during the Obama Administration. Some of the key findings include:

·         In 2015, Hispanic Americans saw the fastest income growth of any major racial or ethnic group, the largest decline in the poverty rate, and substantial gains in insurance coverage. In total, incomes for Hispanic Americans have risen 7.4 percent in real terms since 2009.

·         The unemployment rate for Hispanic Americans has been cut by more than half from its Great Recession peak and is now below its average level before the recession.

·         As the major provisions of the Affordable Care Act have been implemented, the uninsured rate has fallen 11.3 percentage points for Hispanic Americans from ages 18 to 64, a larger decline than for the nation as a whole, corresponding to 4 million people gaining insurance coverage.

·         Hispanic Americans have seen a rapid increase in educational attainment, with the high school graduation rate and Bachelor’s degree attainment each rising by 5 percentage points. In 2016, 3.4 million Hispanic students are enrolled in college—800,000 more than in 2009, an increase of more than 30 percent.

The Full report can be viewed in Carola earlier article.


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Carola Otero Bracco is the Executive Director of Neighbors Link Northern Westchester and CEO of Neighbors Link Network.  A first generation American born of immigrant parents from Bolivia, Carola earned a Masters in Business Administration from Duke University.  Before assuming her post with Neighbors Link in April of 2004, she had 12 years experience in financial management with General Electric Corporation, Ford Motor Company and Time Warner, Inc.  Carola has a passion for motivating constituent families and advocating for personal growth through education and economic development.