Affordable Healthcare Entrepreneur– Behind the Interview at Tiempo [video]

Maria Trusa and Joe Torres ABC-TV




Joe asked us, “If the Forme plan and the approach works and provides healthcare at lower costs than usual to families or individuals, what incentive would they have therefore to sign up for healthcare? Why even bother when they can go to your place for much cheaper?”

Maria: “The concept is not insurance – we still want you to be insured because you’re going to have to possibly deal with life threatening illnesses, you know like cancer. Gina and I think that the perfect scenario would be to be able to get catastrophe insurance at a minimal rate and be able to subsidize it with the membership program. That would be the perfect scenario.

If you’re medical membership is so affordable, why would anyone get insurance? The MM doesn’t resolve the hospital, we want everyone to be insured, because if you have a serious illness like cancer, the MM won’t cover your expense because it’s not insurance.”

Joe: “Does it work like a golf club where if I want to be a member I pay a small fee?”

Maria: “Yes, the concept is that for a dollar a day or $365 a year you become a member of the Forme Medical Center Family, and we begin taking care of your medical needs.”

“How are you able to make a profit with such low discounts” what most ppl do not realize is that Medicaid charges 300%

Sitting on those chairs where so many great people before me had been interviewed was very surreal.

The feeling of accomplishment was greater than the feeling of nervousness. I was beyond excited to be there and even more excited to talk about our healthcare services and Medical Membership. I am beyond grateful to have had the opportunity to let everyone know about providing high-quality, dignified, transparent healthcare for everyone.

The show air last weekend and it was a true success.

Tiempo interview part 2

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About the author

Maria Trusa

Maria was born and raised in the Dominican Republic andmoved to New York at the age of 15, where she finished high school and attended college. She has been in the healthcare industry for over 30 years, most of which was as the Executive Director of the Scarsdale Medical Group, a successful multi-specialty medical practice in Westchester, NY.  In September 2015, Maria became a partner and CEO at Formé Medical Center, a new, Social Enterprise medical practice that offers high-quality, dignified medical care to residents of Westchester County and the surrounding communities. Maria is proud to be in the position today to affect change and make a difference in the lives of the people in need of preventative and/or immediate healthcare.