Making America Great By Growing Latino Businesses

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Leading national advocacy groups, including the League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC), say that they could see broad support among the Hispanic community if President Trump were to do this.

Another opportunity to shore up support among Hispanic business owners is enacting a tax reform plan that simplifies the tax code and makes it easier for business owners to grow. It’s possible that President Trump could even find support for a well thought out tax plan among Democrats, if done right.

Hispanic purchasing power is significant, as is the growth of Hispanic entrepreneurs. President Trump and the White House would do well to include key Hispanic stakeholders as these negotiations take hold.

Part of what propelled President Trump’s candidacy and eventual victory was the simplicity of his message: Make America Great Again. A message that harkens back to the sunny optimism of the great communicator and former president, Ronald Reagan

As the polls suggest, Hispanics are optimistic and bullish about the future. And as the numbers also make clear, Hispanics are propelling the U.S. economy.

It’s a marriage that is tailor-made for much of what President Trump hopes to accomplish. The President has already made a great move by nominating Alex Acosta for Labor Secretary. As the son of Cuban immigrants fleeing economic and political oppression, he could emerge as a key voice in this potential partnership.

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