A Successful Latina Entrepreneur Doing It All

Lily Winsaft and Soledad O’Brien




Final Thoughts for other Latinos who might want to start a business

Find something you are or can become passionate about and do it! Don’t do it for the money. Do it because you feel love for the work.

If could turn back the clock on starting a business

I would have saved money specifically for starting my business and learned how to create a powerful business plan where I could then obtain funding from a bank.

Here’s what I would NOT have done:

  • I would have not taken out a second mortgage on my home
  • I would have not entered into partnerships with boyfriends, something I did twice.


Having said all this, I have no regrets and feel that everything I did was extremely valuable and had its place in my learning curve, including and maybe even mostly, my mistakes!

My favorite quote:

“Fake it Till You Make It”

This quote has gotten me through every one of the eight or more re-inventions of my life, including becoming an entrepreneur, something I knew nothing about.

Some people think if you fake it you are being ingenuous. I don’t look at it that way. I believe we all have the ability to be anything we set our minds to being; that all the answers to all our questions about life lie within us. The problem is that we don’t often know how to access these truths. By pretending to know what we already know that we don’t know we know, we open the door to the actual knowing. It works every time!

In summary

Starting a business is not hard. Running the business so that it succeeds is the challenge. Most businesses do not succeed. So you have to be strong. You have to be confident. You have to be unwilling to let others dictate your fate. You have to be responsible for it ALL.

When you become someone that is responsible for everything in your life, you will increase the chances of being a successful entrepreneur by 100%. You also take being a successful human being to a whole new level.

Good luck!

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As CEO and Founder of Aldebaran Associates, Ms. Winsaft focused her 25 years of corporate and entrepreneurial experience to create a company dedicated to addressing the hiring and training challenges facing corporations and professionals in the 21st Century. The firm provides highly selective recruiting services for fortune 500 companies in the consumer goods, advertising, marketing, legal, accounting, information technology and non-profit sectors. Given her notoriety in the Hispanic community and among international organizations, her firm plays a major role in boosting organizational diversity and in the placement of candidates at companies transacting business in Latin America or selling products and services to the U.S. Hispanic consumer segment.