Is There Really an Essential Business Wardrobe for Every Woman?

Essential Work Wardrobe for Every Woman




The two great items for almost every woman are a pair of closed toe medium heel shoes and a scarf or foulard.

Closed toe medium heel shoes provide good support and grounding, for both standing and walking.

Think about moving from one room to another on floors of different qualities, think about running from meeting to meeting, think about going to a social function or cocktail party after work. They can be worn with more casual outfits as well as with more formal or elegant ones (Never forget that style is a visual composition, and all pieces count).

The scarf or foulard brings something playful with style and color while allowing us to cover what we want to cover and show what we want to show. And it keeps us warm, or protects us from the sun (and it cuddles us when we need it.)

Why are they great? Because they build an outfit and take care of your body while allowing a vast space to bring out what you are about with colors and styles. Whether vibrant and daring, or black and classic, shoes and scarf will ground you and caress you while bringing out who you are.

De eso se trata. If you have questions or comments, I would love to hear from you.

My next article will jump to a different level of style for professionals: style with substance. Stay tuned. Mara

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