Smart Factories Create Manufacturing Jobs That Tax Policy Can’t

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The great news for America manufacturing

The great news for America manufacturing is that America can be, and will be, highly competitive in developing smart factories.

A global supply chain mega trend is to achieve lower costs by moving smart manufacturing to the country where products are purchased. This path to lower manufacturing costs can make America a world leader in smart factories if we have the skilled workers to run smart factories.

Here is the manufacturing reality that America must face.

Lost manual labor manufacturing jobs will not return in significant numbers because smart factories need fewer manual laborers. Smart factories are operated by people with skills in quantitive analysis, predictive software and smart machine maintenance.

U.S. Needs Smart Workers, Not Import Taxes, To Restore Jobs

Training workers to operate a smart factory is the key to returning manufacturing to the U.S. It is also the key to growing good paying manufacturing jobs.

Today, America faces an employment gap. Our existing smart factories are searching for workers with tech skills.

Too many of our unemployed or underemployed workers do not have the needed tech skills. The result is a lot of good people working in lower paying jobs while higher paying tech jobs go unfilled.

What America needs is a tech based Marshall Plan that retools American workers to fill the higher paying jobs that are going unfulfilled.

The Marshall Plan was the investment America made in Europe to restore technologies, infrastructure and businesses after the devastation of WWII. America needs a similar plan to massively invest in training its workers to work in smart factories. This will make America manufacturing great again.

This will create the good paying jobs that our American workers should be winning within the global supply chain. 

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