Three Consumer Groups Driving America’s Food Revolution

America's food revolution





Moms are demanding affordable healthy (and diverse) food

Moms are in a tough situation. Given the fact that the middle class has not seen an increase in real income for over 15 years, they must buy affordable food.

But moms are increasingly aware that eating foods laced with sugar, salts, fats and chemicals is bad for their family. 33% of new moms say they are paying more attention to the content of the food they buy and 35% are thinking more about the use of chemicals in food and drink products.

This aligns with the growing consumer focus on food labels. Over 60% of food consumers are active food label readers. Consumers, especially food consumers, are demanding authenticity in what they buy and transparency in how it is produced.

Buying power is where this trend merges with the millennial generation’s trends. Millennial moms have $200 billion in annual buying power.

And millennial moms are representative of the millennial generation’s diversity. Today, half of the children born in America are non-white. Millennial moms not only are demanding affordable, healthy food but also diverse foods that align with their diversity.

LOHAS consumers continue to drive demand for sustainably produced food

LOHAS stands for Lifestyle of the Healthy And Sustainable. They represent about 20% of all consumers with approximately $290 billion in annual buying power.

LOHAS consumers are typically thought leaders and early adopters in health, wellness, awareness and sustainability. They trend toward being more affluent. That combination of thought-leadership plus affluence makes them hugely valuable to companies launching new products branded to improve human and plant health.

LOHAS consumers are a key component of the growing ethical consumer movement. Ethical consumers seek products with strong values attributes.

These consumers were the early adopters of cage free eggs. They were the ones who first patronized farm to fork restaurants. They were the early adopters of green laundry soaps.

Their social media postings on product values has a ripple influence on all consumers.

Grow sales by aligning with millennials, moms and LOHAS consumers

In 2017, the path to growing retail sales is through engagement with millennials, moms and LOHAS consumers.

The four product features that are key to winning these three consumers are:

1.   Affordability. This is a top trend for millennials and moms.

2.   Healthy. Consumers demand healthier products that are also affordable.

3.   Convenience. The Internet, smart phones and home delivery now defines convenience.

4.   Authenticity/Transparency. Consumers are looking at labels and Internet postings to determine if a company aligns with their values on sustainability and ethical behavior.

This is the recipe for growing sales. Most especially in the food and beverage industry.

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