Attaining Goals...a Recipe for Action and In Life…




Never, ever give up!

         I continued on my path, repeating my mantra, You will always find what you are looking for…  I consciously blocked all negative thoughts from entering my mind and never gave myself permission to fail. I was GOING to find ONE HEART!

Suddenly, hidden in the gravel, buried deep below my new birthday sneakers was at last my HEART!  Ahhh, my faith and belief had yielded my truth!  I was done!  My mantra had proven my truth, as I had thought.  

My goal had been to find one heart upon returning to my Jeep, and I had accomplished the task and fulfilled my goal!  You would think, right?

         Well, as I bent forward to pick up my heart, I quickly realized life is not just about meeting our goals and moving on; it truly is much more!

Live in abundance

         As I walked towards my Jeep with my heart in hand, I had a skip in my step and had decided my day was complete! I now had another heart ready to add to my collection.  Suddenly, without any warning, I found myself surrounded with hearts!  How could this be?  

All I wanted was one!  Here I found abundance, to my left and to my right, hearts abound!  They were in the rocks, grass, and gravel!  

         It didn't take long for me to realize the power of thought and the influence we have on the world around us.  Here I had set my goal for one heart, and when I set out to find one believing I would, believing being the key word here and having faith in something bigger then me, I set the course to meet my goal.

Once the combination of all of these ingredients was in play, there was no way to fail.  Call it faith, the universe, God, or whatever inspires you, I know the world belongs to me and you, and we have all been placed here with great purpose and to live abundantly!

         So my lesson here is that sometimes in life, we must have “blind faith” (I say blind because we sometimes have no choice).  Life will often times force us to move forward without knowing the “how”; just believing in ourselves and putting faith in something bigger then us will have to do.

         So set your desire, also known as a goal, and follow your own yellow brick road of life. Trust that even after you’ve hit your mark, it’s far from over; you will have only just begun!  Always, always expect to live in abundance, and never think yourself so small as to believe you are not worthy of more!

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About the author

Josi Gago

Born in Coral Gables, Florida to immigrant Cuban parents. She grew-up with unconditional love, traveled often, and experienced many cultures, Haiti being her most memorable one. The poverty she witnessed made an indelible impression. She attended college, married and had a 25-year "corporate grind" in banking.  When her position was "displaced" she decided to turn her lemons into margaritas, and changed her lifestyle. Her mind, body and spirit were re-energized through yoga, meditation, and a healthy lifestyle. Living in Davie, Florida with her four children, cat and dogs; Josi is an Entrepreneur, Motivational Coach, Yoga Instructor and Speaker of Truth (doesn't "sugar coat" reality). She loves her yellow Jeep and takes her sense of adventure everywhere she goes!