Having the Best Internet Selling Tool Doesn't Guarantee It's Used Correctly

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4.   What would you have done if your Yellow Pages advertisement did not make it easy to find your phone number?

For those of you who can even remember the Yellow Pages, who uses them anymore? I

had to explain it to my 15 year old as if it was something you might see in a museum. Every business group we speak to agrees that in order to find a business’s phone number, you simply do a Google search and hope to find their number.

Unfortunately, we are still finding that businesses do not have their phone number clearly listed on the top of their site. Every small business should have their phone number visible on the top line of their website.

Too often when we ask about this, business owners and advertisement agencies talk about how it doesn’t look good.

As a consumer, when looking for a phone number, are you really concerned with how beautiful the site is?

Or are you simply trying to find contact information as easily as possible?

5.   How do I know if I am using my tools properly or if I even have the right tools?

There are many technologies and devices to consider when presenting your business online.

Making all of them get a return on investment for your business is mission critical to business success. Our recommendation is to test everything you put up in your digital media to ensure it is working for your customer.

The goal is for your customer’s online experience to go as easy and smooth as possible. Less confusion means a lower chance of frustration, which will give the customer more time to browse for what they need. Contact the author if you would like help with a FREE evaluation to ensure everything is working the way it was intended.

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