My Weekend In NYC Playing Tourist In My Own Town [video]

Tina Trevino in Bleeker St. NYC





From here, I decided that we really needed to enjoy more outdoor time with some gorgeous scenery so we walked over to the West Side Highway and took a tunnel underneath the busy street to take us to a fun spot called The Boat Basin. It’s a bit of a hidden gem of a place to view sunsets in the city.

through the tunnel to come out right on the Hudson River

 Here we go through the tunnel to come out right on the Hudson River with an incredible spot to view the sunset


Late day rays at The Boat Basin marina.

Late day rays at The Boat Basin marina.

Some food and drinks with family and friends to toast an incredible visit to NYC

It’s moments like these with family and friends in my city sharing these amazing views and places that really create some of the best memories.  

And not only that, but this weekend served as a reminder to myself of my early days in the city with my whole life ahead of me and no idea of where I would be at this moment in time—would I like it enough to be here on my own, would I be able to find a job in the fashion industry, would I be able to support myself, would I find a partner in life---so many unknowns.

The excitement of stepping out of a small Midwest town and making the leap to be in NY was more powerful than any of my anxiety about the unknowns.

I still feel like I have that same drive and passion about my life and career—although with a lot less energy than a 21 year old.  And there are just new “unknowns” in my life, but that’s what keeps life interesting—new opportunities and challenges.

It is nice to be able to reflect back on where I started and how lucky I am that I had such supportive parents who pushed me to pursue my path to become a designer.

It can’t have been easy for them to cut me loose to move to NY on my own but here I am today—a very lucky woman with wonderful family and friends to share it all with.

Tina at day's end


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