Pssst, It’s Your Culture! New Ways to Improve Company Culture

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Below are three additional Latin Business Today company culture article abstracts including links to the full artcle: 

Creating a High Trust Culture at Work 

Trust is built and maintained by many small actions over time. If you want to build trust you have to be intentional about it across the organization. A trusting workplace affords employees a comfortable environment for open communication, risk-taking, innovation, and achievement. If your people don't have trust inside your company, then they can't transfer it to your customers.

Creating a high trust culture at work will be one the best things you do for your business! It’s a new year…get to it!

Branding Doesn’t Matter When Culture Doesn’t Work

4 steps a small business owner can take to correct a culture issue.

In just a few short years in the business world, it has become all about “the brand” of the company. Even the person behind the brand.

I find the latter to be most important. In working with organizational clients to help their “employees” understand culture, I’ve learned that the toughest ones to understand “culture” are the ones that are partly responsible for the culture they currently have…the CEO! 

Maintaining Control of the Small Business Workplace Culture

It's important to stay on top of who is having the dominant influence on the workplace culture

Your culture can benefit as a result of positive relationships and even friendships among co-workers.

People need emotional support and a feeling that someone has their back and workplace friendships can contribute to this culture. Encouraging healthy workplace collaboration can increase engagement and productivity and benefit your workplace culture. As the leader of a business it is important to stay on top of who is having the dominant influence on the workplace culture you want to establish and grow.

If you want to set the tone or cultivate a certain culture then be certain you are paying attention.


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