Latina Entrepreneur Creates an International Professional Training Start Up

Eugenia Altimira and husband

An idea, a strategy and hard work spawns an international small business.


Editor's note: This is part two of a three part series. In part one entitled Latina Breaths Life into Respiremos a Company About Breathwork, Eugenia shared her family, growing up in Mexico and coming to the U.S. 

The company is called Respiremos, born from Eugenia Altamira's vision to bring Transformational Breath® to Mexico and Latin America. The first seeds were planted years ago and now Respiremos offers Transformational Breath® Sessions, Workshops and Professional Trainings in Latin America, USA, Europe, the Middle East and Asia. 

As of 2017 there are three main areas where Respiremos is currently focused: furthering education related to Breathwork, research and continuing to do pro bono work with different groups, including a women’s prison.

Business Start-up: Motivation, inspiration and background on building the business

First of all, I love this work. It’s such a simple technique for the client and so powerful. It helps people live a fuller, freer life.

It helps with anxiety, depression, unresolved emotional trauma, stronger inner guidance and a healthier body. The technique works from new born babies to the elderly and everyone in between.

I have never encountered anything as powerful an encompassing as this, I could see such an improvement in my clients in a very short time. I wanted to share it with the world.

My first session 11 years ago

From my first session 11 years ago, until this day, I have been very passionate about the Breath.

I was so motivated to share it, that I didn’t care if people paid me for it. I wanted to make it available for anyone that needed it, without any restrictions.

So since the beginning I have been doing a lot of pro bono work. I work with children, people with special needs, a women’s prison, and offer many scholarships for people that want to be trained as facilitators and can’t afford it.

Moving to the US

When I moved to the US and was faced with the reality of my limited job opportunities and a reduced income.

I realized that to continue to do this work and share it, I had to be able to afford it. This was a long struggle for me, the idea of charging people for something I love so much, and seemed to me like a gift, was hard to get past.

Then one day Laura Altamira, my sister and business partner, told me; In order to continue to do the pro bono work you have to make this the most profitable business possible. The more successful the business, the more people you can help. 

And that was the moment that turned everything around. Is amazing how sometimes our own thoughts and limiting beliefs restrict our own growth.

The whole flow changed, opportunities started to appear, help in many different shapes showed up and then I finally got serious about figuring out how to make a profit. I also realized that many people need to place a value in things to actually appreciate them.

So, I guess one good skill, is to learn to delegate and spend enough time evaluating who would be a good match to work with.

Location for the business

I run my business from my home office; my job is to travel around the world leading trainings in different retreat centers around the world. This gives me the freedom to have a small office and do everything else online, wherever I am.

I chose Maine for my base, because that is where we were located at the time and I love that it is such a safe and relaxed part of the US, with close proximity to a large international airport and let’s be honest, the best fresh lobster in the world.

At the same time, I knew I wanted to continue my work in Mexico, so I had to make the decision to develop a business in two countries. Some days, not an easy task.

Start-up plan and start up timeline

In the beginning there really wasn’t a start-up plan or timeline, I had a very strong determination, motivation, great passion for my work, a terrible fear of finances and the willingness to overcome it.

With those few things in my hand I set my self to dream what I wanted and created a clear intention to direct my work. This proved to be more helpful than I realized, because whenever I encountered problems or faced setbacks I went back to that moment and reminded myself why I was doing this.

It helped me through a lot.

To accomplish my intention on a practical level, I realized that to grow my business I had to expand my reach beyond my area and expand my network. Let’s face it, a quiet small town in New England was only going to allow me to go so far.

Once I had decided this, I had to evaluate what resources I had as a Certified Senior Trainer; networks, people that I had worked with in the past, any mailing list that had ever fallen into my hands. I communicated to everyone I knew that I was interested in working with them, available and flexible with my time frames and financial requirements, I said I would go anywhere in the world any time. I just wanted to get things moving.

I created a webpage so people could find me and read about what I did, had some business cards and flyers made and everywhere I went, I gave them to anyone that was willing to accept them.

Everywhere I went I worked with passion and commitment, I was just so happy that things were moving and I was fulfilling my dream, I was flying in a cloud. I started receiving invitations to teach at different locations and I started getting busier and busier.

I guess you could say the business happened and then I realized it was necessary to start focusing on where I wanted it to go next, so for me it was a bit of a backward process.

Next- Skills, preparation to become an entrepreneur and A few thoughts on financing


About the author

Eugenia Altamira

Eugenia Altamira is the Founder of Respiremos, a company that offers Transformational Breath® Sessions, Workshops and Professional Trainings in Latin America, USA, Europe, the Middle East and Asia. A Licensed Psychologist in Mexico, formerly a tenured professor and researcher at UNLA for eight years. Currently is the Curriculum Coordinator for the Transformational Breath® Foundation (TBF), Regional Liaison for Latin America and an international Senior Trainer for TBF in Europe, Middle East, USA and Latin America. She supports many efforts to take the tools of Conscious Breathing to different groups in need. A kind and warm teacher with powerful coaching skills. Her ability to connect with people and guide them in their path of growth has changed many lives. She shares her time between her two passions; Her family and breath work.