Making Money In The Climate Change Economy

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The Nexus Between Business Growth And Climate Change Solutions

Climate change is the door through which a business (and our country) must walk through to grow sales and our economy.

Think zero net energy (ZNE) buildings. Right now investing in the enabling technologies looks expensive. A nice to have but not a business imperative.

ZNE buildings will become the norm as AI, 5G, renewable energy and batteries gain price competitiveness and increased performance.

A ZNE building will be least coast. It will use AI to price arbitrage between the building’s solar generation, building efficiencies and purchases of least cost renewable energy from other buildings or the grid. A ZNE building’s connectivity will engage work associates and customers to enhance their productivity, health and satisfaction.

Think autonomous driving vehicles.

Costs will be lower by lowering labor costs. But these vehicles will also cost less by running on renewable electricity. Today, it costs only 75 cents a gasoline gallon equivalent to recharge an electric car. Least cost solar and wind generated electricity will drive gasoline from the market place, just like how coal is losing market share today.

The average American household is projected to save $5,600 annually using autonomous driving vehicles sold through a mobility as a service business model (MaaS).

The Culture Of Change

Democratization of technology is the key culture trait for building a company that wins on price, convenience and values.

I can tell which companies get it, and which do not, by just walking into their offices. The ones that get it have their work associates organized to promote technology engagement, creativity and adoption.

Those that do not still have work associates housed around an organizational chart.

Control is another telling organizational trait. Controlling technology engagement is as outdated as telephone switch board operators.

Here are three questions that define business culture success in the Information Age:

1.  Is the business owner or CEO driving a technology change culture?

2.  Are work associates being directly engaged to innovate by the IT department?

3.  Does the company have cross functional teams seeking to implement technologies that will win customers with lower costs, increased convenience and healthier solutions for people and the planet?

How your business answers these three business culture question will drive your competitiveness in the Information Age.

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