Quick Tips for Managing Your Headspace As a Small Business CEO

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Lean on your leadership team (aka delegate!)

This can’t be overlooked. As you scale and fill in areas where you no longer have the bandwidth, start to consider assembling your leadership (if not currently in place).

Let’s face it, you can’t be the CPO, CMO and CEO in addition to CEO forever :)

A strong leadership team can do wonders in the way of reducing the sheer number of inputs you’re facing as CEO. It cuts down the number of employees directly reporting into you, and in turn, the number of 1-on-1 meetings on your schedule. And it lets you step back and play to your strengths while you empower other leaders to drive the day-to-day in their respective areas of the business.

Build a “meeting free” day into your weekly schedule

A fun lesson I’ve learned in my time as Chief of Staff thus far: CEOs get an absurd amount of email and meetings requests.

Jumping from meeting to meeting leaves little headspace to devote to your business. One potential way to combat this is introducing a “meeting-free” day on your calendar where you can deeply focus on key initiatives or areas of the business.

For example, our CEO is extremely involved in product strategy so often uses his “meeting free” days to spend time with our product and design teams. Figure out a day that works best for you and work with your EA to start building this into your schedule.

You won’t regret it!

Being a CEO of an early-stage company or growing small business is no short order.

You’re constantly being pulled in seemingly a thousand different directions and being asked for decisions at every turn.

And while there’s no silver bullet, taking steps to refocus some of your energy and reduce the growing list of decisions can go a long way in improving your day-to-day life.

Not to mention free you up to tackle the work you feel will have the biggest impact for your company!

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