"Straight/Curve"--Redefining What Beauty Is… [Video]

Straight Curve Movie

Beautiful women come in a diverse range of body types which is the theme of the movie Straight/Curve



Tina Trevino at Straight Cure premier

Having some fun on the red carpet for the Straight/Curve premiere in NYC on Monday evening.

Writing about body positivity was always on the list of topics I really wanted to write about, but until I attended the red carpet premiere of the Epix movie "Straight/Curve" on Monday night directed and produced by Jenny McQuaile and also produced by Jessica Lewis and Yael Melamede. 

I didn't realize just how important it is that I really start to use my voice as a writer to share my thoughts on the subject.

Being an insider in the fashion industry, you notice these little buzz moments and sometimes they fizzle out and sometimes they really turn into a thing!

After noticing some of these little tremors in last few years in the fashion industry with social media and advertising actually starting to give curvy women a voice, this time it feels like we've reached a turning point and there's no going back.

Aerie’s untouched ad campaign—all about real women

Aerie’s untouched ad campaign—all about real women

In the era of Instagram, Facebook, bloggers, social influencers, etc.--everyone has a voice and people are finding like minded others who can help build networks of body positivity and retail experiences catering to the curvy woman who wants high level, on trend fashion too.

Why would this confident woman want anything different than her counterpart "straight size" friends want? Why should there be a difference.

Sure--advertisers can choose to portray the images they want, but be wary the growing following of women who will choose to do things their own empowering way--not your way!          


The fabulous and fierce—Body Brigade!

Aerie’s untouched ad campaign—all about real women

My first moments of clarity on this movement began in 2014 when I was a becoming a fan of the Aerie brand.

They decided to put out an ad campaign never heard of--totally un-Photoshopped!!  If you didn't hear the conversations after this movement, you had to have been hiding under a rock.

The conversations were polarizing--there was the camp saying "what are these extra rolls and layers of skin on these women?" and then there was the "you go girl!!" camp. 

I loved these images because no matter what size you are, even if you are a size 00, that's what the human body does when you twist it and bend it like a healthy human being, it creates folds and real muscle movement.

How brainwashed are we as a society to not want to accept that in our daily onslaught of fashion imagery--the actual REALITY!

Straight/Curve: Trailer I EPIX


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