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First of all, it is imperative that we recognize that the World is changing at a much faster phase than ever before. That cycles are shorter and this is only the beginning.

There will not be human environments that can remain static just thing about religions, universities, companies, media, entertainment, food, fashion, utilities, energy, government, science, art, sport, music, or any other field, which is not evolving and reinventing itself under a continuos process.

Information comes to us under a diversity of formats, media, devices, perspectives and sources. We all now have different personalities, as we interact online, offline, among networks or privately.

We are exposed to global issues and immediate points of view, there is data about everything and anything, and our voice can be expressed freely and globally.

Yet, our span of attention is barely a few seconds until the next element engages us. Many of the most relevant moments that we live today, are being captured to be shared, which changes some of the meaning from living the moment.

The challenge of engaging people with content is one of the most relevant today and there are significant initiatives that are looking into this from the perspective of education, information, media, advertising, film, music, entertainment, art etc.

Another significant challenge is to care. Inspiring for positive action, connecting to what really matters and motivating behaviors that evolve towards closing the gaps that have been generated in areas such as gender inequiality, access, poverty or climate change.

“When you invest in a girl’s education, she deeds herself, her children, her community and her nation.” Prime Minister Erna Solberg of Norway

Taking these challenges as part of the transformation in education is also imperative.

We tend to focus too much on the end result; achieving a certificate, obtaining a degree, etc. That we do not see that it is the journey of learning what matters most.

For the first time in history the headlines of education are reaching mainstream. Also, for the first time, we have a female teenager Nobel Peace Price winner in education.

We have new clusters of edu/preneurs being created globally; there are new companies that aim to merge science with entertainment for girls. Women will finally play an active and relevant role in humanity.

The same will start to happen with poverty, children that are first generation to access education will transform their social and economic environment.

Education does not need to happen under a roof, with a guide and with an established structure that ressembles a Tree of Life. It will become a living network where all stakeholders are living nodes that keep this network growing, evolving, connecting, reaching and adapting for a lifetime of learning.

{UNLIGHTENING} Learning something that takes you nowhere

In the next part Learning for work, the new learning experience. 

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About the author

Fernando Valenzuela

Fernando is currently head of Aspen Institute education program in Mexico and Partner at Global Impact Edtech Alliance. He was formerly President McGraw-Hill Education, Latin America. He is a recognized senior executive, entrepreneur, speaker and board level leader with international background.  He has founded and led successful enterprises in Latin America for over 25 years. He holds a Degree in Computer Science from the Universidad Iberoamericana, and an MBA in International Business by the University of Miami. Active member of Wharton Fellows, ENOVA Network of Latin America CEOs, Center for Hemispheric Policy and Council of the Americas, and board member at Inroads.  He was most recently President at Cengage Learning / National Geographic Learning Latin America and founder of LINNEA the First Laboratory for Innovation in Learning Experiences in Latin America. There Fernando lead the transformation of the educational models and creating high value learning experiences by engaging students with technology. 

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