The Great White Tee

Great white tee shirt

Fashion photos courtesy of Marianne Bator of Marianne B Photography





So now--I wouldn't even dream of getting rid of the excess part of the long t-shirt that I cut to make my "Chronicles of Tina" crop top.

I still have a nice wide band of fabric that is perfect for a bandeau. And I'm going to stay in a graffiti mode.

This time, I chose a traditional old school font and a little new wave verbiage. And this sassy little style could easily be worn with jeans or shorts---but when you own a ballerina inspired piece like this glamarama black tulle and net skirt--I think the final look speaks for itself. And again--shoes will always pull it together.

These multi-colored graffiti looking heels are perfect!

Tina Trevino

Summer loving...


And for the last creation of the day, everyone needs a beach cover up. This one was a 2 step project.

This first got a dip dye bath and was left overnight to dry and set color. Then I did a quick wash and light tumble dry to get some of the excess color out. Now we have our clean canvas to start on--love, sun, waves--can you feel the beach calling your name!

And truly this t-shirt is long enough to wear with some summer sandals and call it an apres beach outfit. I paired this with a simple straw hat wrapped in the season's trendiest multi-color pom pom trim for a bright festive fun look.

So if you've been doing the math, you can see that I've only used 2 of my 5 pack of tees.

This leaves me with at least 3 more summer worthy outfits to create (I may have to give one to Basil to paw print his own "Basil the Cat" Instagram tag). And the rest of you--go get your supplies and find your summer style! 

Make-up: Courtesy of Mariel Descarfino Lipstick and Magic Tricks 

Photography: Courtesy of Marianne Bator Marianne B Photography 

Trimmings: Courtesy of Burt Trimmings 

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