Fashion Designers of Latin America Showcase During NYFW- Day 1 [video]

Tina Trevino NY Fashion Week 2017

Latin Business Today Director of Community Relations, Tina Trevino, getting ready to head out for the press conference before the Fashion Designers of Latin America shows.





And the last striking collection for Day 1 was the Dominican Republic’s, Angie Polanco with her debut bridal collection.

Angie has been designing ready to wear and kids apparel for quite some time, but she wanted to try her hand at something new and this collection was a pure success. With something old and something new, her dresses had something for every woman wanting to take a walk down the aisle.

In conversation during the press conference the evening before she and I talked about body positivity, and inclusivity of all women’s sizes when designing apparel. 

She voiced that in her country and many other Latin American countries, designers don’t see the same issues as in the United States. There isn’t a stigma about designing couture and high level fashion for the curvy customer. Latinas are confident about their bodies no matter what size they are and exude it in their attitude.

She said the majority of Latinas truly are the curvy customer that is finally just now being embraced here in the U.S. and Latino designers see no difference in designing for curvy or straight bodies.

Polanco’s debut collection has pieces that span a wide breadth

Gorgeously draped gowns with a modern aesthetic to gowns with layers of ruffles or lace treatments, Polanco’s debut collection has pieces that span a wide breadth of looks for any bride to be.

Congratulating the talented Angie Polanco

Congratulating the talented Angie Polanco after her debut bridal collection.

After day one’s shows it’s hard to imagine that it can get any better, but the beat goes on and there’s so much more to see as the week continues. It truly is one of the most inspiring times of the year for me as a design director. I love the excitement and energy of everyone when it comes to NYFW. Stay tuned for day two’s shows!

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Tina Trevino at New York Fashion Week 2017 


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