More NYFW Excitement from Fashion Designers of Latin America! [Video]




Dominican, Alexander Acosta does Streetwear Fun, Funky, and Chíc


Sexy cut-outs, and bright colors set the scene for an all-out summer party.


Loving the rash guard top paired with a snakeskin bikini and daisies embellished on swimwear, the details are pure fun.

My other favorites from the last two days of shows included, the sexy and super feminine gowns of Colombian, Isabel Lopez. Since the evening of the press conference when I spoke to her, I’ve been dying to see this collection. Isabel told us to expect something incredible and very feminine and that’s what we got.



Gowns in gorgeous neutrals like champagne, black and cream—her look was all about iconic celebrity glamour.


The amazing Isabel Lopez at the end of her show; Spending some time discussing her collection with me at the press conference.

Another standout was Carmen Camacho from Bolivia with a collection that drew influence from the heritage of her country. With poms, fringe, and embroidery layered on top of modern silhouettes it was a creative mix of old and new.


With her brilliant use of ethnic details layered onto modern shapes, she brings old design into a new era.


And my final mention from the week’s shows is another Bolivian designer, Rosita Hurtado, who is well known for dressing celebrities and with this collection, you can see why celebrities  love her style.

There is no “not being noticed” when you’re wearing her designs. Also incorporated into the collection was some of her menswear. A nice play of  vibrant citrine and lavender incorporated into the collection kept things very interesting.

Fantastic and head turning, these gowns are meant to make the wearer be noticed. A bit of her menswear was popped into the collection giving us a taste of all that Hurtado does.


Lopez and Hurtado excited for their shows. Some other great looks on the runway for Hurtado.

All in all, it was an truly an incredible week for Latinos when it comes to building more awareness of the huge amount of design talent that exists. I can’t wait to see how founder of the FDLA, Albania Rosario continues to grow this organization and take it to new places!

It’s already an exciting moment in time and it’s just really just starting! 

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Tina Trevino at New York Fashion Week 2017 


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