10 Powerful Branding Tips for Small Business 

10 small business branding tips





6.   Create a Memorable Name

If there is one tip that I would like to emphasize, it is this one: one who has the power to create memorable brand names and then gets its audience to use them, will have won a fundamental part of the branding battle.

Just think about the number of brand names we use daily, ranging from iPhone to Bluetooth. I advise my clients to spend time and resources in creating good names. Exceptional and successful naming pays for itself later on and can potentially become one of the most significant business assets.

7.   Use Taglines

A tagline is a short and memorable description of your brand or product that may be used for years to come if it is a successful one.

The goal is for your tagline to become a sort of public reminder, getting glued in people's brains. Whether you are branding your business, product, a service or a concept; a good tagline will help you explain what your brand is all about, offering valuable information that can be easily identified. Be creative and make a fresh tagline work for you.

8.   Build Your Brand Identity

Not having a performing brand identity can cost you more than hiring a competent professional who can create it.

The lost opportunity cost is enormous. A good logo, a proper typography, a unique color palette identifying the brand and a high dose of consistency, will undoubtedly be an excellent investment.

9.   Own It All

Shockingly, there is a grand confusion around issues related to branding law, so shedding a little light on this matter seems appropriate. It is one thing to register a company with a legal name; another thing is to have a trademark, one is not exclusive of the other.

Having an Internet domain .com doesn't mean that no one else can use your name, except if you have trademarked your brand. With social networks growing at exponential speed, for a small business owner it is hard to keep up with everything that is happening in the digital world, but reserving a space in each social media channel will cause another one not able to use it.

Consultation on time with a specialist can save you a lot of headaches. The brand can be one of the most critical assets of your company, but keep in mind that your brand is yours, only if you have the supporting certificates.

10.   Don’t Overwhelm Your Client

Many small businesses, especially in retail, think that having a wide variety of products will make it something for all tastes and no customer will leave without buying.

This paradigm worked for centuries, but it has been losing its power at high speed. In a busy, overpopulated world, consumers now expect curated content; a carefully chosen selection of products and services that represent the values of the brand.

Consumers are saying don’t make me think, show me what I want! That's how niche brands like Warby Parker or MOMA thrive.

Invest in your Brand as much as you can afford; then your business will be ready to move to the next level.

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