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Clemmie told me that she comes across many customers who have never before purchased vintage. With her exquisite taste and quality of product, the experience in her store is less scavenger hunt and more designer boutique which makes it a bit more approachable for those customers who have a stigma to buying previously worn “used” pieces.

Her pieces are in immaculate condition, and range from Chanel to Balmain to St. John and Gucci just to name a few brands she loves. She and her staff love getting to see their customers trying each piece on to see if they can find it a perfect and loving home.


                                                                                                         Clemmie choosing some awesome finds for me to try out! Military details                                      

Clemmie choosing some awesome finds for me to try out!

Military details are trending and this circa late ‘80s/early ‘90’s Balmain jacket has it all going on.


Another great store recently located to Portabello is Goldsmith Vintage, a mega size store housing a mix of all kinds of vintage apparel for both men and women. If you are willing to spend some quality time enjoying the hunt, there are beautiful designer pieces at great prices!


                                           Scouring the racks at Goldsmith Vintage                                   

Scouring the racks at Goldsmith Vintage


And one of my other new favorites is One Vintage Designs, a beautiful boutique that reworks antique textiles into luxury one of a kind pieces. Looking at these gorgeous bespoke pieces is like looking at pieces of art.

                       One Vintage Designs                          

Some of the beautiful gowns using vintage textiles at One Vintage Designs


Also, in the same conversation as sustainability, we are seeing the results of the G20’s goals for low emissions infrastructures, green energy usage, and reduction in pollution.

The G20 is an international forum bringing together the governments of Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, France, Germany, India, Indonesia, Italy, Japan, Mexico, the Russian Federation, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, South Korea, Turkey, UK, USA, and the European Union whom have met annually since 1999. It brings together the voices of both industrialized and emerging economies.

The consensus is that climate change is happening and governments as well as corporations must find a way to slow down the damage of pollution to the environment. Pollution has climbed to an all time high in smog covered industrial cities in China contributing to health deterioration as well as death.

Being a part of a company that works with factories and suppliers in China we are seeing many northern factories in close proximity to the Shanghai area that deal with high levels of water for finishing processes such as dye houses, printing facilities, and denim factories closing down because they are not compliant with the new restrictions that have been put into place.

As a component of the supply chain for apparel production, it has become a challenge in maintaining delivery schedules and prices.

There is a push from the factories that are still able to maintain their operations to raise prices to fulfill orders that have been previously placed as well as new orders. There is much negotiation these days to find a compromise on both price and delivery time lines as the supply of approved factories shrinks.

Ideally, it will be a positive situation for these heavily industrialized areas to help the environment and the health of their citizens, but we are at a point in the process of this environmental awareness where managing the business is definitely challenging.


Shanghai’s Pearl Tower on an incredibly smoggy day

Shanghai’s Pearl Tower on an incredibly smoggy day


I think that in the same way as it has taken some time for the idea of eating organic and buying/supporting local has gained momentum in the food industry (we have many more options today than we had even 5 years ago), the same thing is happening with our outlook on sustainability and the environment.

We are at a pivotal time in how we decide to make choices about caring for our environment. Government and corporations have a long way to go to achieve major changes globally, but as individuals we can find ways that work for each of us whether it’s recycling our consumables, composting, conserving energy and water in our homes, finding a home to donate or sell our unused clothing, buying vintage or upcycled products. 

We can’t just think about achieving major changes—we need to think about the little things that we can do every day that send the right message and empower us to control our own version of sustainability.

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