Here They Are…the 5 Ways to Improve Company Culture

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4.   Build Stronger Co-Worker Relationships.

It’s been said that people leave their bosses, not their companies but when there are strong co-worker relationships, many times it anchors them to the job even if they are less than pleased with their immediate supervisor or the head of the company.

The reason for that is that stronger relationships at work drive employee engagement but that is something that needs to be worked on intentionally. MindTools shared some great tips for building better relationships: schedule time for it, develop your interpersonal skills, show your appreciation, and be positive.

Employees shouldn't scatter the moment their leader approaches the water cooler. But we’ve all seen THAT happen right?

5.   Give Feedback. Fast and Often.

This is something that can be implemented so quickly in companies but often overlooked.

Employees simply don't get enough feedback, and when they do it's often vague or perceived as inauthentic. You may be thinking, "We do annual performance reviews. Feedback: covered."

Uh. No. I've got news for you. Once-a-year feedback doesn't come close to providing an employee with the tools they need to improve and grow.

A client comes to mind with this because she was so frustrated with her employees not doing “good enough work.” I asked her did you give them after the probation period.

She answered, “Oh no, we have a system and we do it annually. Let me show you our forms.” Employees usually hate those little boxes that essentially box them in to Great, Good, Average or Poor. That tells them nothing!

Giving helpful, timely feedback is a benefit to everyone. You can reward good behaviors and results as they occur, encouraging more of the same. Waiting a whole year is shooting you and your company in the foot.

If an employee is consistently having trouble meeting management's expectations, that crucial feedback shouldn't come as a surprise at the end of the year. They need feedback and most importantly support when it's easy to make a correction.


CEO, STOP blaming others. START looking at yourself and what you can do to create the best culture you can.

Building a great company culture is one of the most rewarding tasks you can take on. A great culture attracts the best workers, increases overall retention, improves performance, and lowers costs, all the things you have on that wish list.

Start with these five simple steps, and experience the impact they can have. 

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