What a Solar Puerto Rico Could Do for America

Puerto Rico solar energy





A U.S. solar electricity system would then open the price competitive door for electric vehicles sales. In California, a growing number of homeowners that have installed solar have also bought or leased an electric car for commuting They fuel their electric car for free from their solar system. A solar America would make this a cost and emissions cutting national trend.

How The Federal Government Can Create A Solar Puerto Rico

It would not require massive Federal expenditures to enable a solar Puerto Rico. Really, only three actions could make a significant difference.

They are:

1.   Prioritize the delivery of solar system equipment. Solar can get the lights on sooner! This, in turn, will accelerate commerce and restoration of Puerto Rico’s economy.

2.   Mobilize jobs, and job training, around solar and battery installation. Installing solar is a trade where skilled workers can be train in a relatively short time period. Mobilizing job training for solar installation would spark economic growth and create lasting new jobs.

3.   Federal government underwriting of solar financing. Securing financing for a devastated area is a challenge.

But solar is a very safe investment. People and businesses have a excellent history of paying their solar financial obligations because it is tied to their continued electrical service.

The Federal government underwriting third party solar loans would spark loan availability at almost zero cost.

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