The Power of a Lifetime of Caring from Your Heart for Your Clients

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Phase of the sale, Larry did not use fancy presentation tools; his pen and pad of paper were all he needed to tell the story about how the products and services would help clients based on everything he knew about them.

Along the way, he would continue to ask questions to make sure they understood, and making sure they agreed it was what they needed. If he did not see a need for a client, he would let them know and promise to check back. I never saw Larry oversell.


 Larry was closing all the time from his heart.

He never stopped listening and explaining why it was important for individuals, their businesses, or their families to consider the insurance and retirement plans he was presented. If he determined there was a need, he would present the best options and normally provide the choices available; and if not, he would share his appreciation for the visit. In his business there was no negotiation other than providing you with great choices.

5.   Then there was DELIVERY

 Larry would normally deliver every document personally, and if he couldn’t, he would make sure he called right about the time you received them.

Whether it was in person or over the phone, Larry wanted to make sure you knew exactly what you had. The relationship with Larry was never over.

6.   Larry was a master at FOLLOW-UP 

His ability began long before the term Customer Relations Management, and he was an example for anyone in sales.

Since I have known Larry, every March I have received a birthday card signed personally by himself and his wife Betty. He must have sent thousands each year, as I saw the card system he had in large recipe card boxes. In every seminar I have delivered, I have talked about Larry’s success, and his caring reasons to follow-up with clients.

Larry Lynch

Larry Lynch

Back in 1985, I never realized how lucky I was to have received that thank you card from Larry Lynch.

He first became my manager, then my agent, and even more importantly my friend and generous mentor. A few years ago when I thanked him for being a great mentor and shining example, he would always comment on how good I would make him look. He was successful because of his heart and passion.

Take his example as a lesson to learn how to be better in your sales profession.

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