The 10 Superpowers of Packaging- Part 2

The 10 Superpowers of Packaging- Part 2




9- The Power to Protect

The principal purpose of product packaging is to preserve the product from damage.

Product packaging not only protects the product during the transportation from the producer to the retailer, but it also restricts damage while the product is displayed on retail shelves. Product packaging should be attention-grabbing, memorable, and protective for the product if it wants to succeed.

10- The Power to Innovate

Some products can only evolve through their container.

A great example is the classic Coca-Cola, whose secret formula remains faithful over the years, but whose magic skin adapts to the new times and the diversity of demand. Custom packaging, promotions, different sizes and materials, and even a container with only 100 calories of beverage are just a few examples of Coca-Cola’s genius shape-shifting packaging success.

Cobranding is another way to surprise the consumer with packaging innovation.

The longstanding tradition of 'Made in Italy' brands working together with co-branding strategies boosts Italy's identification with luxury goods and simultaneously improves the product’s performance at the point of sale.

Tip: It is not too early to start exploring the opportunities of the Internet of Things (IoT) to innovate through connected packaging concepts.

This innovation that brings Big Data Connectivity to consumer packages, as well as in-store displays, may transform retail by connecting it to the cloud and providing real-time information for consumers, brands, suppliers, and retailers far beyond the actual RFID (radio frequency identification) or QR codes.

Effective product packaging pays the investment with more (ROI). It is time for SMBs to take advantage of the Powers of the Packaging and compete in the big leagues, challenging global companies for success!

Product packaging is as important as the product itself!

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