The Art of the Work-Life Balancing Act

art of work life balance




Editors note: Tara Orchard touched on this subject in her Latin Buisness Today piece 4 Questions For Perspective and Balance. Here are some highlights of the 4 questions to find perspective and balance for your 24/7 life one minute at a time.

Stress Is on the Rise

I’m not sure if stress is really on the rise or if it only seems that way. Many surveys report the constant access to technology and the pressure to respond to and monitor it can indeed be stressful.

Small Adjustments Can Make Big Changes

Finding and maintaining perspective is an important skill to acquire, and creating balance keys on gaining perspective.

You know the major components of your life: your physical, cognitive and mental health; your family, friends and significant relationships; your job, career or business; your financial situation; your education, training and skills development; your community; your home; your beliefs; and your activities, hobbies and interests.

3 Quick Steps to Gaining Personal Perspective and Balance

1)    Inventory what you have, need or want.

2)    Dissect the components of what you have, need and want.

3)    Prioritize what’s important so you understand what you really have, need and want.


Conscious Choices

Much of our lives are spent in unconscious mode. Our fast-thinking, instinctive brain puts us on autopilot as often as possible to conserve energy. If you’ve gotten into the habit of prioritizing work over health or family, it’s easy to remain in this mode so much so that you may not even realize you have options. Once you miss one dinner at home with the family or skip a week of exercise, your brain begins to make the adjustment to lower these priorities, which makes it easier to not even notice they’re missing.

Takeaway Perspective and Balance and 24/7 Connectivity

Finding balance can include working from home on Saturday afternoon so you can spend Monday sneaking off with your child or spouse for a picnic in the park. Balance doesn’t mean working 9 to 5 and clocking out. Read Tara Orchard full article 4 Questions For Perspective and Balance

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