Organization Is More Than a Process It's Vital to Small Business

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Processes and work is more likely to be efficiently completed if it can be tracked on a list as opposed to visually on a desk or area.  Many businesses today have taken the central list to another level by utilizing technology to facilitate organization. 

Microsoft Outlook or Google Docs have enabled businesses to share calendars and tasks among employees.  One business was able to increase the number of tasks completed on a weekly basis by incorporating technology. The task list was now able to be better organized and shared by more employees.            

A weekly review is a very useful tool to improve organization.  Review files and work areas.  Eliminate or discard items or papers that are no longer needed. File away papers immediately upon completion of a task.    Start every new week organized.  

 In summary integrating organization into these four processes will benefit the business in many ways:

  1.  Processes will be clearer and more defined to those involved.  
  2. Time lost looking for files or paperwork will be reduced. 
  3. There will be greater visibility in the business because of the existence of lists, designated areas and central databases.
  4. The work place will be more visually appealing. 

Sales, operational and financial processes will be more efficient ultimately leading to time and cash flow savings.  

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