Small Business Owners Take Note: Employees Value Values

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3.  Values Help You Tell Your Story.

Knowing, living, and rewarding those who support your values help everyone at every level of the company tell the story of why you exist and what you expect to contribute to the world.

Values help employees develop a strong conviction for what your company stands for and creates better and more informed company ambassadors. Darcy Jacobsen shared in an HR blog post, how great recognition of those who embody company values ends up being great stories for the company but also give a clear message to employees about what is rewarded.

4.  Values Help Employees Engage.

The authors of the book, The Power of Thanks state that when someone says their organizational values are known and understood, that person is 51 times more likely to be ‘fully engaged’ than someone who works at an organization without values that are known.

Engaged employees are long-lasting employees.

5.  Values help You Close Better.

No matter the type of business you have, you are selling something. A product. A service.

A dream. You need people to want to invest in what you are selling. They make part of their decision because of the values they believe your company has. Many companies have been training their sales teams to close sales with value based questions.

There is a myriad of things that small business leaders feel they should focus on in the tyranny of the urgent lifestyle.

But if you haven’t taken the time to work on company values (the back bone of company culture), it’s not too late. We’re still in the beginning of 2018, just get started! 

It will make all the difference in the long run…more sales, better profits, longer term employees and a happier you (CEO)!

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Dr. Elizabeth Rios is a strategic visionary and has served her community in NY and FL in various capacities for over 25 years. She has served in high level executive positions in higher education management, nonprofit organizations and small business. She operates a number of online business incentives and founded Passion for Purpose International to help small businesses, nonprofits and schools get started, get funded and get teams going and growing in a healthy organizational culture.  Dr. Rios received her MA in Business Management from Regent University and her Ed.D. from Nova Southeastern University. Dr. Rios is the author of Don’t Buy the Lie: Eradicating False Belief Systems that Keep You From Your Destiny.  In addition, to her community work with South Florida women's empowerment organizations and charities including her own faith-based nonprofit, the Passion Center, Dr. Rios sits on many national boards and serves as Contributing Editor or writer for a few national magazines. She is a Boxer lover,mom of two boys, one with special needs and sees her life mission as one to unleash potential, ignite passion and connect people to purpose.