The 7 Benefits of Humor in the Workplace




How Does Humor Fit Into the Workplace

It seems reasonable to describe the current business environment as stressful. Increased competition has led organizations to emphasize the need for innovation and creativity.  Concurrently, organizational commitment is often low, and turnover is a significant problem that may contribute to teams with weak social bonds. 

Increasing diversity in the workplace can be not only a source of new ideas but also a source of conflict if not managed appropriately. Given these factors, and others, it is a challenge to create or maintain healthy social systems in organizations.

Humor has the potential to remedy some of these problems and promote healthy social relations in the workplace.

Here are the seven benefits of hunor in the workplace:

1.  Productivity: Let’s face it: if employees don’t enjoy their working environment, work efficiency decreases.  However, if the work environment promotes a level of tasteful humor and laughter, the resulting outcome is increased employee morale and productivity.

2.  Trust: Humor allows both employees and managers to come together, creating a unified bond to accomplish goals for the company.​

3.  Creativity: Humor allows for creativity in the workplace.  People who laugh in response to a conflict tend to shift from convergent thinking where they can see only one solution, to divergent thinking where multiple ideas are considered.​

4.  Low Turnover: Humor in the workplace boosts morale and employee retention.  Employees like to work for employers who display a sense of humor.​

5.  Open Communication: Humor creates an enthusiastic environment that encourages employee/employer interaction, initiatives, creative ideas and strengthening of team spirit; all leading to greater productivity.​

6.  Interaction: Laughter creates a relaxed work environment where employees are confident to share ideas and employers are more receptive to hearing them.​

7.  Bonding: Laughter increases the cohesion and the creativity of the team: laughter creates bonding, the more people laugh together, the better they work together.

Despite the belief that business settings and organizations are serious and stern, humor can lighten the mood within the work environment and make work life more enjoyable.

Within work teams and groups, understanding the multifunctional role of humor in organizations can actually contribute to effective management of personnel, provide valuable benefits to organizations, and provide valuable tools to management for motivating staff, communicating effectively, and mitigating discord. 

This article was co-written by Cecilia DeMatteo and Dr. A D. Paiusco

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