March 8th Is Women’s Day, Here’s Why It’s Everyday




Time Magazine also reported great progress in the primary enrollment of education for girls and boys worldwide being equal since 1995.

This is cause for celebration and will only continue to open doors for greater opportunities. So we are improving in the educational piece, yet women still only represent 22% of politicians in the world, and as low as this number is, it is actually double what it was in 1995, in accordance with Time Magazine.

Yes, we have come along way, baby, but we still have a long way to go!

The Voice of Women

The voice of women, for women must be spoken loud and clear, and it can’t just be in the kitchen. It’s not just statistics or numbers on a chart; it’s the attitudes of generations from our fathers and from those before them. It’s started way before 1909 with International Women’s Day and will continue to move way past 2015.

What came of the client I left sitting in my lobby on that day, back in the mid 80’s thinking of my “Plan B”, you ask?

Well, I have often been known to quote the saying, “We plan, and God laughs.” It just so happened that my Assistant Manager was a man. Easy enough, right?

Well you see, my Assistant Manager was also gay, and upon hearing about my dilemma he decided to “exaggerate” just a tad.

I must say I enjoyed the remainder of the afternoon watching the “show” from my office. The client was obviously uncomfortable, and I don’t recall ever seeing him again, which was just fine by me.

Although it as been over 25 years since this occurred, I often times smile about the experience and wonder if the attitude is the same or if there has been any evolution at all.

Either way, it takes many generations to change an attitude, many peeks and valleys, tears, deaths, and laughter, but in the end, we shall always celebrate a woman’s day no matter how far we have come in the journey and how far we still have to go.

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