Latin Business Today Sits Down with Helen Hernandez- Podcast 1

Helen Hernandez and Actress America Ferrera
Photo: Helen Hernandez and Actress America Ferrera, courtesy of Helen Hernandez

Carlos Garcia interviews Helen Hernandez Interview – Part One


Editor's note Carlos Garcia interviewed Helen Hernandez for podcast part one of this three part podcast series. Find podcast 1 below.

I met Helen Hernandez quite by chance at a political fundraiser for a mayoral candidate in LA. We hit it off immediately, and even though our candidate lost that race (he ended up winning the next time out), we became friends.  

Helen is just one of those people you can’t ignore.  She is driven, focused, friendly and loyal.  

She doesn’t nag -- she accepts people as they are.  She lets things roll off her back if they don’t go her way and she moves on.  Helen is clear about the people she likes and doesn’t, but she is able to isolate those negative feelings while focusing on the future.  

She takes on amazing ventures and meets amazing people, but she is not intimidated.  Celebrities, politicians or ordinary people going about their lives– they are all the same to her.

The Imagen Foundation

Helen has started up a major non-profit foundation, the Imagen Foundation, with the great Norman Lear as her mentor and supporter.  The goal of Imagen is to improve the impressions of Latinos that we see in TV shows and films, and to expand the Latino presence in the entertainment industry as a whole.  

The foundation has been up and running for a while – 2018’s award show will be the 33rd.  The show is aired on PBS stations nationally, but at different days and times depending on the station – check your listing next September.

A host of board activities

You would think so daunting an endeavor as Imagen would be all she would ever have time for, but no, she is on various boards, on the LA County Arts Commission, and a couple of years ago she purchased the rights to the North American Travel Journalists Association (NATJA).   

Clearly a for-profit industry group was a lot to take on, but it also utilizes many of the same skills she uses in the non-profit world.  

She has a lot to say about the attitudes Latino small business owners need to have to succeed, and the inhibitions they need to discard to embrace the assertiveness one needs to make your way through the very competitive business world.  

Listen in.  

The Helen Hernandez interview podcast series Parts 2 and 3 will follow shortly – Helen will talk about her goals for Imagen, her new life as the owner of NATJA and her ventures into the world of politics.

Find podcast 1 below.

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