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Helen Hernandez and Norman Lear

Helen Hernandez and writer, producer Norman Lear. Photo courtesy of Helen Hernandez. 

Carlos Garcia interviews Helen Hernandez Interview – Part two


Editor's note Carlos Garcia interviewed Helen Hernandez for podcast part two of this three part podcast series. Find podcast 2 below.

In this second part of the interview, Helen talks about the daunting challenges she faces, about the wonderful success stories of Coco and Jane the Virgin and many other TV shows with Latino leads.  

She also discusses her ultimate goal, is to have non-Latinos recognize us as positive contributors to our society, and real and good people doing real and good things.

Helen also talks about her own entrepreneurial journey, particularly as regards NATJA, the North American Travel Journalism Association – how the opportunity came to her attention, how she was persuaded to take it on, and the commitment and dedication it requires.  She also talks about how, no matter how hard you try to please everyone, you just can’t. 

Some people are just not going to understand what you do so you just have to do the best you can and move on.

To Helen Hernandez, networking is everything in business, especially in small business and has learned about how important it is for Latino Small Business owners to support each other, to mentor each other and to prod each other to do great stuff.   

We discuss how she referred a top Latino accountant to me and we all benefited from this – his skills have helped my business grow, and he got new clients, and I owe Helen a debt of gratitude for the referral.  A virtuous cycle, as it were.

Helen believes one’s credibility is always super-important for entrepreneurs to guard like they would their places of business.  And a lot of that is based on Ethics.  You have to be honest and clear and you have to strive to do the right thing.  Your reputation is your brand.

This is the voice of experience.   This is the voice of success.  

Helen’s is the voice of a strong and determined Latina who has a lot to teach us about making stuff happen.

If you missed Part 1, you can find it here – Latin Business Today Sits Down with Helen Hernandez- Podcast 1  

The Helen Hernandez interview podcast series Parts 3 will follow shortly – Helen will talk about her work with the Hispanic Congressional Caucus and her musings on the attitudes Latino small business owners need to inhabit to achieve their dreams.

Find podcast 2 below.

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