Convert a Customer to a Client Through 4 Delivery Steps [Video]

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Getting feedback from a customer immediately after they have done business with you will help you learn how well you are doing during the entire sales process, but more importantly, reacting to that feedback is often key to keeping that customer. If you want to see a solution that can help you with this, take two minutes to watch the video:


  1. The video tells the story as to why asking for feedback is so important. Word-of-Mouth Advertising is still the most powerful form of advertising, which reinforces the importance of performing an excellent delivery. It is the last step in the sales process for the customer, but should be your first step in the process with the same customer and the people you know.


The best tip I can offer for an excellent delivery is to never stop asking your customers how you can do it better. I have delivered services and products of various kinds, and how you make the customer feel is very important. Whether it is Business-to-Business or Business-to-Customer, never forget how essential this sometimes simple step is.

Look out for the next step, Follow Up - it is the step in selling that the most successful salespeople in the world are better at than anyone else.

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