Intention Setting vs. Goal Setting in Life and Business


Latin Business Today mentor Josi Gago and Travel Channel host Samantha Brown 



Here's how It comes together:

I was recently selected to do a commercial for AARP, which stars Samantha Brown representing Travel & Leisure. 

That alone would have been great, right?  Well, add the 46’ sail boat we filmed on and you have an intention that was manifested!

Just she & I, the camera crew and boat crew...sweet indeed...and as the producer said, and I quote,  "I looked at your picture from the agency and knew I wanted you, I looked no further, the universe brought us together." 

So here I was, sailing on a 46’ beauty, with one of my travel idols along the coast of South Florida promoting and representing a company I wholeheartedly enjoy and support! 

So whether your setting goals or intentions for work or for your personal life, speak what it is that you want in life with the understanding that words have energetic power and carry strength and will. Always come from a place of YES!

Knowing that Timing...Intentions...and...Leaning into foreign territory because you dare to do so always believe the net will appear.

"It's never too late to get started and you're never too old to try again." ~Josi Gago

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Josi Gago

Born in Coral Gables, Florida to immigrant Cuban parents. She grew-up with unconditional love, traveled often, and experienced many cultures, Haiti being her most memorable one. The poverty she witnessed made an indelible impression. She attended college, married and had a 25-year "corporate grind" in banking.  When her position was "displaced" she decided to turn her lemons into margaritas, and changed her lifestyle. Her mind, body and spirit were re-energized through yoga, meditation, and a healthy lifestyle. Living in Davie, Florida with her four children, cat and dogs; Josi is an Entrepreneur, Motivational Coach, Yoga Instructor and Speaker of Truth (doesn't "sugar coat" reality). She loves her yellow Jeep and takes her sense of adventure everywhere she goes!