Marketing Sustainability- How ‘Green’ Is Your Marketing Plan?

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3.  Be Transparent.

If your company decides to incorporate the 3Ps into your company’s strategy and operations, be prepared to be transparent.

This means if you market and promote your company using the 3Ps, you have to follow through. There is just too much information available via the Internet that if you say you’re green and you’re not, consumers will find out and you will lose all credibility.

Marketing Sustainability: Clorox Green Works

Clorox is one of the most highly respected and profitable companies with a worldwide presence.

Over the last decade, the company has dedicated itself to improving its pro-environmental positioning. During 2008, Clorox launched its first new brand in over 20 years, a collection of natural-cleaning products called Green Works™. The launch of Green Works™ doesn’t necessarily mean that Clorox has become a sustainable marketing organization; it just means that the company has embraced the ‘green’ marketplace and a segment of their customer base care what it is their cleaning products.

In response to this market opportunity, Clorox produced products that were 99 percent petrochemical-free and matched or beat standard cleaners in consumer tests of effectiveness. Thanks to the company’s efficient production and distribution methods, their new products enjoy a 20 to 25 premium over traditional products.

Green Works™ is one of the most successful launches of a new cleaning brand in recent years. The result? According to one study Green Works™ currently holds more than a 40 percent share of the natural home cleaning market.

So, back to my original question, “How green is your marketing plan?”

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