Finding The Qualities of The Candidates You Should Hire

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2. What do you do when you don’t know how to do something?

This question can provide you with an opportunity to evaluate a candidates approach to problem solving, resiliency and teamwork skills.

3. Identify the 3 top qualities you look for in a job?

After you ask this question probe the candidates response and ask them ‘why’ or ‘what does this look like’ on the job so you can more fully understand what they look for in a job to determine if there is a fit with your job and organization.

4. What is something you believe that most people do not?

This is the question that Peter Thiel, founder of PayPal reportedly asks all prospective hires. Gauging a candidate's ability have ideas that may not be popular can help you identify independent thinkers. You can follow this question up by asking how the candidate would approach working with people who do not share their beliefs.

5. What types of people do you clash with in the workplace?

Workplace differences are not always a bad thing.  Employees with different approaches to work can effectively push one another to arrive at novel solutions or generate new ideas. What you want to listen to in this response is how the candidate approaches these clashes.

6. What is important to you?

This is a question that can allow you to gain more insights into how a candidate is motivated and see if there is a match between what is important to the candidate and what is important to your organization.

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