Finding The Qualities of The Candidates You Should Hire

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Qualities of Employee Contribution

In a large organization with hundreds or thousands of employees there can be leeway when hiring. However, very often in smaller organizations it is not the candidate with the most recent or even the best technical skills who can have the biggest impact in an organization.

Candidates who bring intangibles to the workplace such as a good work ethic, gratitude, a willingness to participate or even those who are strong headed, overly confident, pushy, when that is what you need, can bring qualities that change the dynamics and strengthen the entire team.

Talking to candidates about their technical skills and asking them to discuss their work skills are still important considerations. But often what sets apart the candidate who is right for your organization from a candidate who has only the right skills are intangibles that make the candidate someone you need at that time.

When considering your next hire, ask yourself what dynamics this candidate brings to the organization. Sometimes you want to hire the smartest person in the room and other times you need to hire the person can get the job done and also tells you that her colleagues have always enjoyed the fact that she brings in homemade baking. Sometimes bringing in homemade baking can make a candidate the smartest person in the room. 

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