Developing A Relevant Brand Strategy

Brand strategy


3.   Dedicated Time:

Do you consciously spend time each week, month, quarter just listening to what is going on with your clients?

The two previous points on customers and employees require your dedicated time. They cannot simply be relegated to the person in charge of marketing or customer service. If the voice of the customer is important to everyone in the company from the top down, you will see it turn into revenue and repeat business.

And that is worth time–weekly checkpoints, monthly staff meetings, quarterly reviews–whatever it takes is worth the time.

These may seem like simplistic points but in my experience, I have seen global brand strategies succeed through this detailed level of attention and without it, I have seen them fail. I welcome your comments. Please share what has worked or not worked for you.

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Andrea Cotter

Andrea Cotter, President and Founder, ACotter Global Brands. Andrea coaches executives and teams helping them to put in place strategies and communications that will take them to the next level.  She is also an Adjunct Professor of Strategic Communication at the NYU School of Continuing and Professional Studies. 
During a 30-year career at IBM Corporation, Andrea Cotter held many integrated marketing and communications roles for various IBM products and services and executive roles as Global Director of Linux and of Healthcare and Life Science Marketing.  At UPMC in Pittsburgh, PA, Andrea was SVP of Communications, responsible for enterprise-wide brand marketing, advertising, clinical marketing and public relations.   Most recently Andrea served as temporary President of a brand consultancy in New York, New York.