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6. Consensus and compromise:

Limited budgets and large families don't prevent Hispanic families from finding a way to eat in abundance, enjoy each other's company and be exuberantly happy. Yes, they continue to face problems like low wages, discrimination, high incidences of obesity and diabetes, and low graduation rates. But they endure.

7. Hispanics don't live in a one-on-one world:

Word of mouth is essential for Hispanics on most topics. So marketing to Hispanics implies a social context, a family context, and a community context. Managing your reputation in the Hispanic community as a whole is essential.

8. The buying process for Hispanics is changing:

More and more Hispanics are learning the ways of the American retail world - they read store circulars, go where the sales are, and even print online coupons. A few segments remain loyal to particular brands, but no one can be complacent. 

9. Communications:

Preparing a communications program for your Hispanic effort used to be so simple. You'd call your agency, they'd call the Spanish networks, your ads would run.

Spanish TV remains the 800-pound gorilla, but establishing a relationship can now be done in many ways - event marketing, online advertising, mobile ads, radio events, in store activities, and so on. And television focused on Hispanics isn't just in Spanish anymore.

10. Hispanic research is fun, but it isn't easy:

Hispanic research isn't just about numbers and statistics.

This is a living, breathing, evolving population we are talking about - dynamic and fascinating. The challenge may seem daunting, but effort and a dash of goodwill goes a long way. 

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