3 Marketing Tips to Increase Sales Success

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Increase sales, gain knowledge and fine tune promotions through cost efficient and effective marketing tools.



Understanding what your clients—both past, present and future—want, need and hope for can help you build your business.

You can access this knowledge using several tools and techniques, including online metrics, sales reports and personal interaction. You might be surprised what you discover.

I found this African proverb not long ago: “Knowledge is like a garden: if it is not cultivated, it cannot be harvested.”

It serves as a reminder about the importance of challenging ourselves to continually seek to understand what’s going on around us and in the world at large.

For those of us who run small businesses, it can be especially hard to spend the time to look outward given our limited time and financial resources. But just by leveraging a few tools and techniques, gaining knowledge and applying it immediately to your business can be easy and cost effective.

If you have a staff, key partners or suppliers, include them in this exercise. Leveraging diverse perspectives are key ingredients to your success (and to your clients).

The Three Marketing Steps to Increase Sales

1.  Analyze your own information:

No doubt, you spend considerable resources keeping your website and social media updated and active.

Now leverage as much information as you can from these investments to update your sales messages and to uncover new business opportunities.


  • You might be able to expand your sales reach exponentially by seeing where inquiries and sales are coming from (Google Analytics: www.google.com/analytics) and re-tuning your promotional program.


  • You may be able to identify competitive threats before it’s too late. Setting up Google Alerts can keep you up to date on the latest moves by your competitors and your clients.


  • Your own sales reports are a critical input. Review who bought from you last year and who didn’t buy from you. Was your average sale significantly different from your expectation? Did your customers respond to your marketing efforts in an unexpected way?

The key is to look at any differences from year’s past or your expectations and ask yourself, “Why is it like that and what can I modify?”

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About the author

Miriam Vializ Briggs

Miriam is a co-founder of Briggs & Briggs Marketing Services, offering marketing training and consulting services to small businesses.  Miriam holds an MBA from Columbia University School of Business and a BA from Barnard College, Columbia University.  In recognition of her business leadership, she was named one of the “Elite 20 Hispanic women in business” by Hispanic Business magazine (2006) and selected as Corporate Executive of the Year by the National Society of Hispanic MBAs (2004). Currently, Miriam serves on the Board of Advisors to the Center for Minorities and People with Disabilities in IT and Latin Business Today  Contact information: www.brandmarketingtips.com