3 Marketing Tips to Increase Sales Success

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2.  Conduct a “health check” meeting with your top customers.

Your clients continually change; they may have new management or are looking into new directions. You want to be sure you know what’s going on with them and then how you can help.

So set up an hour with each of them this month and start a conversation with questions like these:

Topic 1:

Did we meet your expectations from us in 2017? What did we do well? Where did we let you down?

Topic 2:

What are your top business priorities for 2017? What keeps you up at night? Are you looking to expand into new markets?

Topic 3:

Here is our strategy for 2018

Topic 4:

Let’s set up joint goals for 2018

Tip: You can do a “health check” with past clients too. They may not be happy with their current suppliers or they are shifting strategies. So add them to your schedule.

3.  Send out a survey or hold a roundtable among your existing customers or potential clients.

Using a simple tool like Survey Monkey (www.surveymonkey.com) or hosting a lunch can get you a fresh perspective on how you can serve your market better.

People like to be asked their opinion (be prepared to hear suggestions you may not be able to fulfill right now), and their feedback gives you a necessary roadmap for where you need to take your business next.

Remaining Relevant

As small business owners, we are used to selling our products and services constantly. It’s hard to stop and listen and learn. But an investment today in gaining knowledge about your customers will pay off big by ensuring you’re relevant to them into the future.

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