Puerto Rico Stronger Than the Storms

Our mission is to bring resources and logistics together to efficiently deliver supplies to the areas in greatest need in Puerto Rico.


Hurricane Maria was a large-scale natural disaster for which federal, state, and local governments were not prepared.

However, many local communities in the US have come together to gather supplies and donations for Puerto Rico. Unfortunately, relief efforts have not been able to get those donations from the US to the most affected areas of Puerto Rico even weeks after Maria’s landfall.  

Given the level of destruction in the infrastructure, having a well-managed logistic plan for the delivery of supplies will continue to be one of the main challenges. 

That’s why Contigo Puerto Rico’s main goal is to implement a logistic plan that connects donation centers to local communities in great need in Puerto Rico. We do this by identifying the main areas of need and by developing strategic partnerships to ensure an efficient flow of supplies.

Our Story

Contigo Puerto Rico was formed by a group of Puerto Ricans living in Georgia that have a deep desire to help with the crisis in the island, especially the people that are still struggling to receive assistance and basic needs.

Our mission is to bring resources and logistics together to efficiently deliver supplies to the areas in greatest need in Puerto Rico. Our strategic partnering program allows us to connect the Georgia local groups that have worked extensively collecting donations with faith-based groups in different municipalities in Puerto Rico. 

This will ensure that the supplies will reach to the areas that are most needed as fast as possible.  

Together we are able to identify where, when, and how we will provide assistance. These services will be provided regardless of the individuals’ race, creed, color, gender, disability, political affiliation or religious preference.

Stronger Than the Storms

Puerto Rico the Storm



Where is your money going? Georgia has done an amazing job collecting donations for our friends in Puerto Rico. 

The community has overflown with love and many people are working hard every day to help in any way they can.  Several of these collections centers have received so many donations that they have their warehouse full of pallets ready to go but they cannot send them because they don’t have the logistics to transport or can’t afford the transportation cost. 

They need our help.

All the money donated to Contigo Puerto Rico will go directly towards transportation of donations from various local collection centers to Puerto Rico.

Our goal of getting supplies from one location to another involves utilizing cargo airplanes and/or ships.  With your donations, we will cover all the transportation expenses to facilitate the delivery of supplies from our local collections centers. Join our team and help us transport these supplies to Puerto Rico.




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