Chile Telecom Industry Surpasses 11 Million Successfully Ported Telephone Numbers

Managed by a subsidiary of iconectiv since 2011, Chilean businesses
and consumers have embraced convenience of number portability program

PISCATAWAY, N.J.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--iconectiv subsidiary Telcordia Technologies Chile S.A. announced today
the successful porting of more than 11 million fixed and mobile
telephone numbers in Chile since the program began in 2011.

Number portability refers to the ability to reassign a user’s phone
number to another service provider. With its number portability
solution, Chilean subscribers can easily transfer their phone numbers
between landlines and mobile lines, or vice versa, within 24 hours.
Known as “full portability,” Chile is the only Latin American country –
and one of only a handful of countries worldwide – to offer the feature.

“When you consider that there are just 18 million residents of Chile,
porting more than 11 million numbers in the past six years is a credit
to the ease, efficiency and convenience of the services provided by
Telcordia Technologies Chile S.A.,” said Rodrigo Ramirez, undersecretary
of telecommunications at SUBTEL, Chile’s regulatory body of
telecommunications. “Number portability has become a powerful tool for
our citizens especially as the demand for higher quality services

The iconectiv subsidiary was granted exclusive rights for number
portability in 2011 by the Number Portability Committee on behalf of all
Chile’s service providers. Awarded through a new tender process,
Telcordia Technologies Chile S.A. recently announced a five-year
contract extension as the administrative agency for number portability.

“A person’s phone number has become a key identity for individuals as
well as businesses large and small, so maintaining that connection when
moving to another service provider is critical,” said David Wilson, Vice
President, Global Sales, iconectiv. “SUBTEL had the vision early on to
provide this service to its residents and the number of ports is
indicative of how Chilean residents have fully embraced the program.”

SUBTEL continues to look for new ways to expand and simplify number
portability in the region, proposing the implementation of new actions
that impact landline procedures, such as allowing users to cancel
associated services - such as TV and internet - at the same time a phone
number is ported and only having to communicate this change to the new
service provider.

“These types of changes will make for a more robust public policy,
especially considering the positive impact number portability has had on
the Chilean population and its direct influence on the harmony and
collaboration among different players in the telecommunications industry
– including those that facilitate the technologies and developments that
allow the administration, operability and efficiency of number
portability to benefit users,” Ramirez said.

iconectiv and its subsidiaries currently provide numbering solutions in
several other large Latin America markets, including Brazil, Argentina,
Peru, and Mexico, as well in more than a dozen other countries
worldwide, including Canada, Egypt, India, Malaysia, Pakistan, Peru,
Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Tunisia and U.A.E.

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