Deciding the legal form of an enterprise is one of the first questions to be addressed by entrepreneurs.    
Here's four often overlooked legal issues you should think about before starting a family business.  
For any small business managing expenses is essential, but in order to achieve success a focus on sales for sustainable revenue growth is paramount  
Safeguarding cash allows your small business to maximize cash flow.  
Deciding the legal form of an enterprise is one of the first questions to be addressed by entrepreneurs.    
Small businesses need to ask these three questions to optimize financial flow.    
Issuing an ownership equity in a small business is a common means to garner capital, but such an initiative poses legal risks.   
Here are six commercial lease line items to identify for and negotiate.  
A 12 insight START and STOP roadmap bank assessment for small businesses.  
Small business owners need to understand the risks and rewards of starting a pension for employees.  
Five employee business guidelines when commenting on social media.  
Tax reliefcan be a boon for small business owners but challenges lay ahead.  
In order for a Hispanic business to thrive during a transition, plan and set a strategy in place.  
Before you apply for a loan determine if a HARD MONEY LOAN is the right option your small business.    
A small business owner’s management of key financial initiatives is directly tied to it's level of success.  
While attention has been paid to the bleak immigration landscape, there is a brighter spot.  
Almost all contracts contain standard provisions which are frequently ignored by the parties and attorneys.  
An actual Q&A exchange with a small business owner and finance expert.  
What small business owners need to know when considering arbitration as an option.  
Employment contracts are some of the most common contracts that business owners encounter and some of the most misunderstood.   
An efficient small business or organization maximizes cash flow, here are 3 foundations.   
Distributorship agreements are comparable to Supply and Service Agreements but have some special features.    
The Six common components of Supply and Service Contracts.  
These nine steps will enhance the level of success in securing small business financing  
Many small businesses offer a pension plan, called a 401(k) plan. Understand how to protect and grow it.  
Legalese contract language can be off-putting but it serves to crystallize its contents.  
5 small business contract insights to ensure your deal is comprehensive.  
3 Insights and a take away Contract negotiations Is not to take advantage of the other side.  
Planning to seek outside financing to expand your business?  Here are 8 options and tips.  
Remedies to addressing tax refund fraud small business owners should be aware of.  
What happens when the IRS allows returns to be filed before they receive the third party information? Quite often it can be fraud.  
Angels, VCs, bootstrapping loans from banks and alternative lenders  
How do physician’s finances differ from everyone else’s?  
Three questions about Lawful Permanent Residency, a highly sought after immigration status.  
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Small businesses must adapt to the mobile transaction shift quickly to maintain customer loyalty, market share and revenues.  

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