What is Your Company’'s Reason?

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Organizations must encourage participation amongst employees, and current and potential customers.

This will help secure employee commitment and generate innovative ideas that could take your company further. Given the impact of your motives on reputation, you should make sure that everything your organization does accurately portrays your company in the desired way. After all, reason supports the other six Rs and the other six Rs support it.

This is understandable, as reason is the spark that ignites all other activities.

Profitability with a Purpose

The intention and values of a company must be defined clearly and communicated to employees in order to gain commitment and ensure your people know they are an important part of the company as its success relies on them. Everyone, at every level, must understand the company’'s vision and mission.

Here are three To ensure this happens, do the following:

1.   Gain commitment for the company’'s values.

When the intention of the company is shared by its workers, their commitment will go a long way in achieving your objectives. To do this, it is useful to encourage participation and actively seek the opinions and new ideas of your employees at all levels.

Motivation strategies and compensation, such as economic incentives, recognition or promotion, will also secure commitment.

2.   Always consider the company’'s values and mission at each stage of pursuing goals.

Implementing the company’'s reason, goals and values is divided into three phases: 

  • First, define both the short-term and long-term objectives.
  • Second, communicate the strategic plan to employees so that they understand and share the objectives and so that they will deliver the required results. Third, evaluate and monitor peoples’ alignment to the objectives and take action to realign, if necessary.
  • Third, offer the right product or services. The type of product or services your company offers should complement the reason it is in business. Similarly, the segments you operate in and the quality of your offer should also fit with your company’s purpose. This ensures that different aspects of your business work together and do not confuse your strategy, your customers or your employees.

The Next Revenues

While reason may be the most significant intangible factor behind the success of our business and brand, Revenues are the most significant tangible issue.

This is the next R and it provides the focus for the next article, as everything is for nothing without the financial means to back up our plans.

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