Is Your Small Business Resilient Enough?

small business resilience




Values, Skills and Resilience are Individual

Strong corporate values matter. They provide a sense of shared purpose and keep people working together for the same goals. These values are the very foundation that everything else is built upon and are especially important when dealing with change and uncertain times. Boldness and imagination are other key aspects for surviving crises and growing a business, as is awareness of the environment around you.

It is certainly the case that we are often unaware of opportunities or problems until it is so late that it becomes much harder to react successfully or to resolve issues. However, the key word here is “harder.” This is not the same thing as impossible. With the right attitude and approach, by figuring out how to change the situation, it is possible to turn even the most dire of situations around. After all, as Archimedes said, “Give me a place to stand, and I will change the world.”

What matters, however, is that each individual comes to his/her own belief that these issues–values, purpose, boldness, imagination and others–are important and interprets them in their own personal, individual way. In fact, the most significant lesson for any business leader is to know that, while structures, procedures, processes and systems can all be improved, the true source of resilience is people. Everything rests with them: they are the reason a company succeeds.

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