6 Factors to Make Work Meaningful

6 Factors to make work meaningful.




The 6 Factors to Make Work Meaningful:

In their book “The Truth About Talent,” writers Jacqueline Davies and Jeremy Kourdi highlight six factors that help work to become more meaningful.

1.    Social purpose:

Doing something that is useful to others or to society.

2.   Moral correctness:

Doing a job that is morally justifiable in terms of its processes and its results.

3.   Achievement-related pleasure:

Enjoying one’s job, doing a job that stimulates the development of one’s potential and that enables achieving one’s goals.

4.   Autonomy:

Being able to use one’s skills and judgment to solve problems and make decisions regarding one’s job.

5.   Recognition:

Doing a job that corresponds to one’s skills, whose results are recognized and whose salary is adequate.

6.   Positive relationships:

Doing a job that enables making interesting contacts and good connections.

It is interesting to reflect how simple and universal these are. There has been much made of the need to be considerate of factors such as these for Generation Y; however, reason in general and these factors in particular are important wherever you are on the demographic time line.


Full Potential

Doing meaningful work is vital in generating individual potential. In this sense, both the reason (the purpose of the work that is being completed) and the rouser (the ability to engage and inspire people to achieve that purpose) are closely connected. In fact, when people do meaningful work, they actually develop a sense of identity, worth and dignity.

By achieving meaningful results, they grow and move toward their full potential. Somehow they have an opportunity to become who they are and to contribute to the improvement of their life and community.

When one thinks of work, one often thinks of a job. But work is far more than a job.

Although work certainly provides for basic subsistence needs and decent living conditions, this is not its only function. Work is, above all, an activity through which an individual is into the world, creates new relations, uses  talent, learns, grows and develops an identity and a sense of belonging.

So we must remember to put meaning into work!

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