Business Stress? Smile That Cosmic Smile

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Examples of times when the cosmic smile can positively impact you in business include:

1. Interviewing for a job: 

Often a job applicant is so serious or anxious I doubt they will be the right fit for my client. Smiling during an interview will bring out the warmth in you.

You’'ll demonstrate the lighter, more fun, friendly side of you. Companies want to hire fun, happy people. Smiling is especially important when interviewing on the phone.

Do not underestimate the power of body language when you are interviewing on the phone—your smile will come across, even though the person on the other end cannot see you! When you smile, your voice sounds different and the other person will “sense” that you are relaxed and enjoying the conversation.

2.  Negociations:

Nothing can disarm a tough opponent on a bargaining table more than a consistent message and demonstration of “I’m committed to both of us winning.”

The cosmic smile, properly placed along the way during a tough negotiation will communicate this loud and clear. It will show that you are caring person and not just all out for him or herself.

3. Frustrating communications with a colleague, boss, client or subordinate.

When difficult or challenging interactions leave you disempowered, angry, sad, or annoyed, the cosmic smile can heal the situation (if you’re able to summon it during the interaction), restore you and bring you back into a centered place of harmony within yourself.

4. A tough day at the office:

How many times have you left for the day feeling beat up and wishing you could just go work somewhere else?

That’s the perfect day to ignite the cosmic smile! On your way to the parking lot, bring it on, get that grin on your face and feel the nourishing effect on your whole body. Soon, your daily work situation will shift on its own either because it improves, or because you attract a much better suited job for yourself.

Test the Cosmic Smile

The cosmic smile is an example of a tool that enables you to have 100 percent creative control over your life.

Negative situations typically will leave you feeling like a victim, someone that is at the mercy of another person, circumstance or thing.

Smiling purposefully and intentionally will ground you and bring you back to a place of harmony. At first it will feel fake to you but as the smile takes off you will begin to experience it as your truth. Test it out the next time you are going down a negative emotional path.

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